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FixaPet Editorial

The following editorial recently appeared in the Marshfield News-Herald.  We very much agree with the information and thank them for getting the message out there!


Editorial: FixaPet program cuts down on unwanted pets

May 31, 2008

Spring is the season for birth and renewal. Just as the earth brings forth new life, so do many from the animal kingdom.

That means more unwanted pets will turn up at shelters, as well, because too many domestic animals -- cats and dogs -- haven't been neutered or spayed.

We're overpopulated with cats and dogs. Dozens await new homes, cared for by shelter staff members and volunteers.

People adopting pets from a shelter must have animals "fixed" in order to adopt them. The thinking is it will cut down on the number of kittens and puppies in years to come.

One shelter, the Clark County Humane Society, is taking that one step further. In addition to spaying or neutering pets before it adopts them to families, it also offers low-cost surgery to pet owners.

The shelter in Neillsville has its own lab and surgery area. According to a recent column from the shelter, more than 500 cats have been successfully spayed or neutered in the past 10 months through the FixaPet program. That means 500 fewer opportunities to pass on unwanted litters of kittens.

Many times people don't have their pet fixed because they simply can't afford it, according to shelter staff. To help, the shelter will offer reduced cost surgeries to anyone living in central Wisconsin -- not just Clark County. Cat surgeries are $45; dog neuters are $55 and dog spays are $75. The shelter is making appointments now for June surgeries, available for any cat or dog owned by anyone in central Wisconsin.

Allowing pets to roam, dumping unwanted litters or pets by the side of the road or neglecting a pet's care (from food to medicine to grooming) are unhealthy, unacceptable choices reflecting poor pet ownership.

Pets are not cheap. While adoption fees are kept low to encourage people to bring a pet into their family, there are other costs -- food, veterinary bills, boarding (if you travel and can't take your pet), grooming, toys, treats and time. Adopting a healthy pet from a shelter can put you on the right path, but pet ownership is a long-term commitment of time and money.

If you're thinking about adopting a pet, consider all of the costs associated with it. Pets can bring great joy into your life -- their companionship can far outweigh the dollars you spend on them. If you do get a pet, be sure you don't have any unplanned pets along with it. Have your dog or cat spayed or neutered. The Clark County Humane Shelter might be able to help make that more affordable for you.

About FixaPet

To have a dog or cat spayed or neutered at the Clark County Humane Shelter, call a FixaPet coordinator at 715-743-4550. For more information about the shelter, log on to The shelter is 7 1/2 miles southeast of Neillsville on Highway 73. It is open from noon to 3 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.